My New Fashion Items

ноември 05, 2020 Maia Georgieva 0 Comments

How are you doing? 
Here is my new post which show me without make up for the first time. This is because I am ill. Now I am getting much better and that's why I decided to show you my new stuff from the site . The moment I received them my mood significantly improved. I want to start with this long, soft and black cardigan which I wear at home non stop. I like it so much. It is perfect for work too. I think I could wear it outside for a walk in warmer days. The other new item is this black t-shirt which is super comfy and soft. I wear it with leggings or tracksuit bottoms. The last two things are my favorite ones. These are two sets in black and brown color. The brown one is so stylish and cool, it feels really luxurious. I can't wait to recover completely and go out with it. The black one is great to wear at home or for training. It is super soft and fluffy. You can spot many others trousers, corset dress, bodysuits and jeans on the site. 
Kisses and see you soon.

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