Metallic glimmer in the autumn closet

октомври 18, 2017 Maia Georgieva 0 Comments

Silver dresses, shoes, handbags and blouses are invading our closet this autumn and make us think about Star Wars or the fairy tales from our childhood. There is nothing better than feeling like the characters from our favourite tales, especially if we are wearing a stunning dress just like real princesses and walk sophisticatedly in shiny shoes. 

The autumn closet can easily resemble the Wonderland - the more metallic glimmer, the closer in touch with the latest trends. 
Surely the accessories with metallic shades are not necessary to be only in silver. Even though the metallic is enough on its own, you can experiment with large accessories or extravagant shoes. 
Practically metallic shoes and bags are one of the most wanted this season, but it is also very interesting to turn up at an event wearing a dress, a blouse or trousers in this shade. A metallic mackintosh is suitable for a special occasion. However, I think you would definitely prefer the metallic dresses. Undoubtedly it is far better than the black dresses, which we all know so well.
Silver is here to show us how to attract all the attention on us, how to be impeccable and to impress. At a restaurant, a bar or a disco, at a business meeting, wedding, a birthday party, gathering or whatever the event is, the silver colour will add style and grace to your outfit. 
The website offers a wide range of cocktail dresses. You can choose among materials, lengths, lines, unusual colours and a unique combination of style and patterns, which creates models expressing the forward-looking fashion. They can vary but they are absolutely stylish and beautiful, daring to be worn right now. Everyone could select the design that perfectly matches their body shape. And having talked about silver, I chose to show you several beautiful dresses which I would pick and wear. Check out the pictures to see my sophisticated suggestion for stunning cocktail dresses.

The first one is a combination between fine silk, satin and chiffon. It looks wonderfully – very stylish and elegant. It hugs your body tightly and makes it look sexy. It is knee-length, sleeveless and has a low collar. The silk in the upper body makes it look fine, and the ruffles at the lower body create a nice volume. 

The next dress, which I cant take my eyes from, is this princess like dress made from fine lace and satin. Extremely romantic, airy and fine. It looks as if it floats after you and creates a feeling of lightness and smoothness.

Aaand last but not least is the most beautiful dress, which I would wear with endless pleasure since it is just amazing. Again the colour is silver. I absolutely love shiny details and here they can be noticed at the whole upper part of the dress. 

Kisses :)

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