Lovely dresses for summer 2020

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Here are some trends in dresses for summer 2020.

Do you think dot prints are a grandma's trend? Think again! In the spring and summer of 2020 we will see them everywhere, so from now on stock up on a point printed dress or a polka dot shirt.

Strange color
Not exactly the color of mustard, but not exactly gold - this shade will prevail in our wardrobe in the new year.

Suits everywhere
In 2019, the trend of wearing suits started, which naturally continues to be relevant in 2020.

Silver color
The silver color was very relevant in our jewelry in 2019. In 2020 it will appear in our outfits.

Very bright green
No, we're not talking about neon. It is a very specific bright and light green shade, which will become relevant very soon.

Floral print dresses are always on point. You will never go wrong with this print.

I'm showing you some great suggestions from the site Dresslily that you could take a look at. There you can find also tankiniscurvy dressvintage dress.
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Which one do you like?

Kisses and see you soon!

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