Latest fads in luxury bed sets

август 19, 2018 Maia Georgieva 0 Comments

Fashion is part of our home and it doesn’t only mean new furniture and decorations, but also the choice of the right bed set and pillowcases. It is an essential part of the design of our bedroom. According to the interior experts one of the most popular tendencies are silk and linen bed sets. Although the colours might change over the years, the fabrics don’t. 

Nowadays the cotton satin is very popular. It has a fine structure, but it also has a subtle shine as a result of additional textile treatment. Satin bed sets add an elegant finish to your bedroom and they always look stylish. Everyone loves luxury silk bedding. Unlike the synthetic satin, the cotton one is not only fine and shiny, but it is also not slippery. 
Similar elegant and always fashionable fabric is the silk. Silk bed sets and pillowcases make your bedroom look luxurious and they are a perfect present for special occasions like wedding, anniversary or birthday. Silk bed sets and silk pillowcases are recommended for warm summer nights as they keep you cool and ensure a calm sleep and relax. 
Linen bed sets have recently lost their popularity as it is a little bit difficult to wash and keep them clean, and they are also more expensive than the silk bed sets and silk pillowcases. You need to iron the linen bed sets to make them look nice. However, we notice the return of linen but mixed with cotton. 
Apart from the natural fabrics the bed sets manufacturers tend to use synthetics fabrics too. They also have their advantages. Currently you may find a combination between cotton and synthetics called poli-cotton. The price is reasonable and the quality – pretty good. But anyway, when choosing the perfect bed sets for your bedroom, the most important thing is to be practical regardless from the world fashion tendencies.

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