10 trends in footwear for Spring/Summer 2023

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You may have dozens of chic wholesale fashion shoes, but some of the new styles and trends for 2023 are impossible to resist. Prepare for the upcoming season with a new addition to your collection, following the latest design ideas.

There is hardly a woman who is not impressed by beautiful shoes. Those are the finishing touches on the toilet, on which the overall appearance depends to a large extent. And in order to help you prepare for the expected warm season, we have prepared some basic fashion trends for you, with which you will be on the crest of a fashion wave.

1. Chains
You probably already got the impression that chains remain relevant in our favorite style of bags and we will continue to wear them in 2023. This accessory is reviving in the footwear world.
Your favorite tocchet looks even more stunning with a gold or silver addition, which gives a feeling of luxury and elegance. Metal details still decorate shoes of all styles, contributing to the good mood in spring and summer.

2. Fantastic flip flops
During the past summer season, flip-flops were preferred by many leading designers, but this year we can still see them in all their glory. Get ready for a chic upgrade on the thickness of the sole and lots and lots of leather. The pursuit of simplicity and convenience, which started in the last difficult year, continued until now, surprisingly, with unique creations. Take away the high uncomfortable summer shoes and put on a pair of modern and comfortable flip flops.

3. A look at the 90s
Thick platforms from the 90s are being revived in the trend for Spring/Summer 2023. Versace and Yerdem chose this style for their new collections in bright and neutral colors. Choose your color according to your personal preferences and add a dose of romance to your everyday life.

4. Male element in women's shoes
In some styles, it is still difficult to establish the exact boundaries between the dress code for men and women. Traditionally, men's shoes have influenced everyday shoes for women, contributing to their comfort and practicality. Chanel bet on the classics, adding their little logo for luxury. Choose a pair of low traditional shoes for work and get your dose of comfort.

5. Low "babies" tocchet
The low "baby" toe is extremely feminine, delicate and comfortable. Versace put on this style in beautiful soft colors that we just can't resist. If you can't imagine shoes without heels, you will surely fall in love with this style.

6. Tocchet grids
Mesh quickly became a favorite trend in clothes and handbags, and now it's still beautiful and favorite shoes. Ultra-chic and feminine models in pastel colors prevail en masse in the latest designer collections. We have to admit that we have not seen an elegant and sexy application on the web from the latest Fendi models.

7. Elegant ankle
Ankle straps emphasize your legs in a unique way and add femininity even to low sandals. Look more feminine than anything with the new version of the familiar "gladiator" shoes.

8. Oxford shoes
Another trend from men's shoes, which inspires everyday women's models. When you want a break from high shoes, this version will give you convenience and ease. And if you still prefer a little height, designers also offer options with a toque. Put on two-tone leather models with a typical men's sole and discover their unarmed advantages in everyday life.

9.Transparent shoes
Transparent shoes with various decorations on them - shiny stones or sequins, we can meet with high heels, sandals and dory covers.

10.Metallic shine

A stylish alternative to the classic black model of boots and shoes in general with metallic highlights. They diversify the look, and at the same time preserve the simple look of the wholesale clothing.

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